Saturday, October 25, 2014

'Concrete Ships, Solar Eclipse with Falcon Song'

Migrating south from Maryland we set up for a couple of days at Kiptopeke State Park, Virginia which is a unique coastal habitat featuring sea turtles, pelicans and a major flyway for migratory birds on the southern tip of the Chesapeake Bay Barrier Islands. 


 After an initial stormy start ..... what spectacular timing! we were fortunate enough to witness the Partial Solar Eclipse over the Bay. I took this photograph looking west from Kiptopeke Beach October 23rd. The shadow of the moon  moving in front of the sun looks like the Sun has a bite taken out of it. Seen here setting over the WWII Concrete Ships.

The bay is home to whole a fleet of these concrete ships, their arrangement echoed that of a the falcon sonogram we made.

Waken by the bird song day and night the most prominent seemed to be the Peregrine Falcons.

Paul Higham collided these two data sets together much like the passing of the Moon in front of the Sun to produce this new site specific 3D Print which was printed on site in the Solar Airstream Fab Lab. 

'Concrete Ships, Solar Eclipse with Falcon Song'    Prototyped in Clear Pla on site at Kiptopeke State Park, VA : October 24th 2014

Paul watching the Partial Solar Eclipse : Photo Coral Lambert

Next Stop North Carolina
Public Lecture at University of NC at Greensboro 5pm Monday 27th October 2014
Public Lecture at Davidson College 7pm Weds 29th October 2014

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