Tuesday, October 21, 2014

'A Goal is a Dream with a Deadline'


Having been on the road for about three days now we arrived at Salisbury University where we were invited to Lecture and set up the Solar Airstream Fab Lab in Red Square : its a red brick square in the center of campus. We found a Fortune Cookie with a surprisingly interesting fortune and decided that this was a sign towards making it the 1st scan on the Space Coast Tour. The fortune cookie itself has a discrete mathematical form and message.

 The Scanner is set up inside the Airstream to scan objects found along the journey.
 The scanner produces a 3d model which is then sent directly over to the 3D printer.

Paul Higham is preparing the 3d model for printing, seen here sharing the process with sculptor James Hill.

The scan has been scaled up to 125%, it is verified and processed ready and took 2 hrs to print. We produced 2 prints, one of which will be cast in bronze and will be available to purchase.

The 3D Print is printed with a 'raft' which is a base plate and scaffolding which is picked off to reveal the sculpture once it has finished printing.

'A Goal is a Dream with a Deadline : Red Square Fortune Cookie' Printed on site in the Solar Airstream Fab Lab October 21st 2014

Thanks to our host Bill Wolff, Sculpture Professor at Salisbury University pictured here on the left with Paul Higham and visitor James Hill. 
Thanks also to all the students and faculty who came by to see us today.