Friday, October 3, 2014

Solar Airstream Fab Lab T-Shirts now available !

We are pleased to announce that the new T-shirt design is now available to purchase online. All shirts will be screen printed on 100% black cotton using silver ink. Please use the side bar to select your size and we will ship it directly to you or hunt us down on the road and buy one in person! All sizes $20 including shipping.

First ten people to order online will receive a special and unique 'On Tour' postcard !


  1. Looking forward to your visit at SCAD. Working on a good venue for your presentation and tour of the Solar Fab Lab!

    1. Sounds Great Matt, we are looking forward to it too, to see you and especially to visit the islands of the coast of Savannah.

  2. On your way south you need to stop in Macon, GA. We have great clay in the area and also great food, great music and great historical places. There are some guys starting a maker space here called "SparkMacon". I teach at Stratford Academy and would love to see your trailer and all the stuff you have inside.
    John Watkins

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