Wednesday, November 19, 2014

JAX Volcano Tornado

 Pictured above are the results of my mold making activities on site at Skidaway Island State Park in preparation for our Jacksonville visit at The University of North Florida which included the annual Iron Pour.

I used a variety of processes which included taking rubber, alginate and plaster molds from the rapid prototypes as well as preparing some of the pla prototype models for the lost wax process or I should say 'lost pla' process : the plastic prototype models will be later dipped in ceramic shell, burnt out and cast in bronze. The alginate mold is a temporary organic mold material so a plaster master was cast to keep for production of a rubber mold in order to create multiples. Upon arrival at UNF I made sand molds of the Volcano waxs.

Iron was melted up to 2650 Fahrenheit in a 100# capacity cupolette, we cast about 2500#, a really smooth pour with all of the students, visiting artists and faculty working beautifully together with everyone in their roles it was a well choreographed ballet of sweat and logistics resulting in many new sculptures. 


The furnace produced a cast iron mountain of iron and slag and I cast several miniature 'Volcano Furnace Earthworks' and two larger versions. These are scaled down from a 3D scan of the 14ft high Earth Work I produced in Latvia. The miniature versions will be sold to help fund the making of a new 'Volcano Furnace Earthwork at Spoerri Sculpture Garden in Italy 2015. Please visit my blog to find out more.

 Also whilst at UNF our Solar Airstream Fab Lab was in operation parked at the Sculpture Lab on campus.


 This new work titled 'Tornado' was inspired by the UNF campus which is also a nature reserve. Whilst we were there the power went down as a tornado warning came through : the solar kicked in on the airstream and work continued as the pinecone was scanned using solar power.

A big Thank You to our hosts Jenny Hager, Lance Vickery, (pictured below) as well as the UNF Foundry Guild and all the students and faculty at UNF who welcomed us.


Next Stop Florida Atlantic University at Boca Rotan via Tomoka State Park, Ormond Beach.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


‘Fractal Rendition Of Numerical Data’ 
(The Fractal Geometry of Data)

Produced on site at Skidaway State Park , Savannah, Georgia. Monday 10th November 2014

Initially we were attracted to explore and set up camp on Skidaway Island because of the Earth Works located there. These turned out to be part of a system of coastal fortifications built by slaves during the civil war.


The island was also used during prohibition where we found the remains of an old still in the magical swamped woods.

The surrounding nature of the barrier island itself overwhelmed the history and holds the key to this new work, which is an investigation of the similarities between natural and artificial structures. 

These new sculptures can be seen as finished works but also as three dimensional sketches to be developed later, some of the ideas will be taken further once we return to our studios in New York. 

Two versions of  'F.R.O.N.D' were produced (3D + 2.5D). All of the work produced on this tour will be available as a series of limited edition bronzes. Please contact us for further info.

Skidaway is one of many Barrier Islands off the coast of Savannah so there's more to explore before we hit the road to Jacksonville, Florida where we will be giving a public lecture at the University of North Florida on Thursday 13th Nov at 3pm.

The Fab Lab will be parked at the UNF Sculpture Studios for a few days so pop on by and say hi!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Savannah SCAD

The Sculpture Forum at the Savannah College of Art + Design invited us to stop by today. After our lecture we shared the latest work in progress at the Fab Lab.

'Object Agent Action' made at Santee State Park : home of Swamp Fox and the Santee Indian Burial Mound

Passage of spheres over time as emergent gliding automata collide with the asteroid Eros. (asteroid acquired by remote telemetric data acquisition NASA).  'The three spheres of object agent and action lack inherent existence' Madhyamaka teacher Nagarjuna c.150-250

Thanks again to our gracious hosts Matt Toole and the Sculpture Forum at SCAD.

We will be in Savannah for the next few days.

Sunday, November 2, 2014


After leaving Kiptopeke State Park we traveled across the 17 mile long Bridge and Tunnel System of the Chesapeake Bay, our route took us through the snow white cotton fields of Virginia and North Carolina.

We set up at the Sculpture Studios of The University of North Carolina in Greensboro. The Lab was visited by many students throughout our stay where we scanned some cotton buds picked along the way. We are working on a new piece called 'CottonOpolis'.

The Lecture was well attended and it was good to revisit with the faculty Andrew Dunnill, Pat Wasserboer and Billy Lee who made us very welcome, Thank You! Next stop was Davidson College also in North Carolina.

 Davidson has a beautiful campus and Art facility like a retreat we were well rested and accommodated in the guest house after our lecture and crits with the students in sculpture and digital art. Thank You to our hosts Cort Savage and Austin Shepard.

We had an open door policy as public stopped by the fab lab whilst we worked.

Currently at the edge of Lake Marion we will be on the road again soon for our next public talk is at Savannah College of Art and Design with the Sculpture Forum 2pm Alexander Hall, SCAD, Georgia.
Followed by an open studio in the Airstream with refreshments form 3pm til 5pm