Wednesday, December 3, 2014

'The Thiefs Inlet'

Amok with chic boutiques and high rise condos the word 'Boca' refers to an inlet once known as 'The Thiefs Inlet'.

Greeted by the Muscovy ducks upon arrival we set up at the Sculpture Studios and immediately attracted the attention of students and faculty whom came to see what we were working on.


Our visit to FAU was beautifully orchestrated by Sculpture Professor Julie Ward pictured in the airstream doorway above. We can seat about ten people inside the airstream with a few standing so tours resulted in a constant stream of visitors including art and engineering students and faculty from across campus.

 During the tours we continued to work on projects with the scanner and the 3D printer.


Using the laser scanner we began to scan some coral samples collected along the way.  The scanner consists of a turntable which rotates through 360 degrees and back again as two stereo lasers capture the surface structure and shape of the object.


These are experiments to see what happens to the surface detail of the coral when scanned and to explore the textures created.

  Scans of multiple passes and different orientations will later be prototyped in plastic on the 3D printer and used as reference models for enlarging.

 After our public lecture we carried out critiques of several of the graduating senior exhibitions and continued discussions in the airstream.

A special Thank You to Julie Ward and all at Florida Atlantic University who made us so welcome.

Next Stop Miami Art Basel 25th Anniversary VIP Reception.

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