Wednesday, November 19, 2014

JAX Volcano Tornado

 Pictured above are the results of my mold making activities on site at Skidaway Island State Park in preparation for our Jacksonville visit at The University of North Florida which included the annual Iron Pour.

I used a variety of processes which included taking rubber, alginate and plaster molds from the rapid prototypes as well as preparing some of the pla prototype models for the lost wax process or I should say 'lost pla' process : the plastic prototype models will be later dipped in ceramic shell, burnt out and cast in bronze. The alginate mold is a temporary organic mold material so a plaster master was cast to keep for production of a rubber mold in order to create multiples. Upon arrival at UNF I made sand molds of the Volcano waxs.

Iron was melted up to 2650 Fahrenheit in a 100# capacity cupolette, we cast about 2500#, a really smooth pour with all of the students, visiting artists and faculty working beautifully together with everyone in their roles it was a well choreographed ballet of sweat and logistics resulting in many new sculptures. 


The furnace produced a cast iron mountain of iron and slag and I cast several miniature 'Volcano Furnace Earthworks' and two larger versions. These are scaled down from a 3D scan of the 14ft high Earth Work I produced in Latvia. The miniature versions will be sold to help fund the making of a new 'Volcano Furnace Earthwork at Spoerri Sculpture Garden in Italy 2015. Please visit my blog to find out more.

 Also whilst at UNF our Solar Airstream Fab Lab was in operation parked at the Sculpture Lab on campus.


 This new work titled 'Tornado' was inspired by the UNF campus which is also a nature reserve. Whilst we were there the power went down as a tornado warning came through : the solar kicked in on the airstream and work continued as the pinecone was scanned using solar power.

A big Thank You to our hosts Jenny Hager, Lance Vickery, (pictured below) as well as the UNF Foundry Guild and all the students and faculty at UNF who welcomed us.


Next Stop Florida Atlantic University at Boca Rotan via Tomoka State Park, Ormond Beach.

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