Sunday, December 7, 2014


Gallery and Museum hopping at Art Miami we came across a few familiar faces like Kenneth Snelson whom Paul has exhibited with many times including the International Exhibition 'Contemporary Art and the Mathematical Instinct'

Above all the classics are holding up well, it was great to see the collection of fine art tapestries shown at the Jane Kahn Gallery by Magritte, Leger, Le Corbusier, Picasso, Stuart Davies, Miro, Delaunay and Calder. The colors are as vivid as the day they were woven.

These early 20th Century tapestries were created at the world famous Tapestry Atelier Aubusson in France between 1930 and 1970. The artist would collaborate with the weaver in producing the cartoon for the loom. 

The weft and warp of the tapestry is made up over time, layer by layer similar to the RP process we are using today. In reference to Charles Babbage's visionary computer of the 1840's Ada Lovelace King is quoted as saying:

''We may say most aptly that the Analytical Engine weaves algebraical patterns just as the Jaquard loom weaves flowers and leaves"  1843

At the Margulies Collection one of the most intriguing pieces for me was ‘Trash Stone #412’ by German artist Wilhelm Mundt. It is the largest one created to date and consists of an accumulation of trash/junk from old computers to who knows what wrapped, weighed and beautifully layered up in colored resin like a hot rod candy coat. 

Our next stop was the Miami Ad School to check out the street art which can be found proliferating throughout the Wyndwood area. The Ad school uses a couple of Airstreams as classes and it was interesting to chat with the founding director Ron Seichrist who had invited many of the worldwide graffiti artists to tag the school.

Greeting us at the Wolfsonian Museum was 'The Wrestler' a 1929 aluminum sculpture by Dudley Talcott (American 1899 - 1986) was created for the Tenth Olympic Games in Los Angeles 1932. Passing likeness to Disney's Iron Giant.

Also on show was 'Myth and Machine' a rare collection of WWI prints, lithographs, sculpture and drawings some of it was quite disturbing as in these graphics of war wound victims. 

The exhibition focuses on the role of myth in giving comprehensible form to the shattering realities of the war, and on the relationship between humans and machines as a key theme of wartime visual culture.

This obscure watercolor and collage by an Italian war artist represents a journey 'Volo su Vienna, 9 Agosto' 1918. A journey of horrors.

The hybrid alchemical work 'Sprache der Vogel' by Anslem Keifer is a 3 ton mixed media sculpture which translates as 'Language of the Birds'. 

'The ideology of alchemy is the hastening of time, as in the led-silver-gold cycle which needed only time in order to transform lead into gold. In the past the alchemist sped up the process with magical means. That was called magic. As an artist I don't do anything differently. I only accelerate the transformation that is already present in things. That is magic as i understand it.' Anslem Keifer 1989

After so many Art Fairs we finally reached visual overload just like Guetta aka Mr Brainwash ; an operation that attempts to fuse historic pop imagery and contemporary cultural iconography to create a hybrid of pop–street art.  Spewing up every cliche in a conflated over simplification of every other art trope.

Next Stop Coral Castle, Homestead, Florida : Life is Magical!


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